Diving with Mahogany Upland Resort

There are so many reasons why you should choose Mahogany Upland Resort for your next diving adventure. It should be remembered that the Philippines is part of the ‘Coral Triangle’, widely recognized as the epicenter of marine biodiversity.

You do not have to venture far to experience some of the best diving in Dauin and Zamboanguita. Local dive sites will surely present you with Frogfish, the enchanting Flamboyant Cuttlefish, elegant Ghost Pipefish and Thorny Seahorse as well as a whole host of other Macro life. Night diving here is a pleasure sure to bring plenty of memorable surprises.

With a choice of more than a dozen dive sites around the local coastline there is something to suit all diver preferences. Our resort has a resident dive shop (Coral Dive and Adventure) offering not only dive trips but a full range of PADI dive courses from introductory up to professional Divemaster. With a swimming pool in the resort, you have the ideal base to hone those skills before venturing into the amazing ocean.

Apo Island is another delight to dive, with amazing corals to admire and plentiful turtles nestling in view and posing for pictures. We conduct daily trips to Apo for both snorkeling and diving activity and offer competitive rates for our guests.

Please feel free to contact Coral Dive & Adventure for full details relating to dive and snorkel activity, including package deals at Dive@CoralDive.com.ph and see the basics costs page of dive activity here.